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#1 Music Video for Fathers

Review by Artists Direct:
“I had to this say to get it out of my way and tell my daughter Blue where I was,” declares Blue October frontman Justin Furstenfeld of his band’s new masterpiece, Any Man In America.

He doesn’t spare any of the gritty details of his brutal divorce on the group’s latest album, and that’s precisely why it’s such a bruising, beautiful, and brilliant record.

American Coalition for Fathers and Children:
Any Man in America’ debuted last week at number 8 on the billboard list of 200 hottest albums.
Earlier this week Blue October launched a new website in support of Shared Parenting. Check it out, there is a great feature which lets you upload a photo message to your kids. Share the site with your friends and family members and encourage them to upload their message. Note how many kids want more time with their dads.

Blue October Tour
USA Aug 16-Oct 21
UK Nov 3-4
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands Nov 6-22

How Much Time Is Enough – A Survey /Wie viel Zeit reicht – Umfrage

I come from Seattle, where half the kids of divorced parents spend at least 35% of their time with their father. Alas, the little ones and I live in Germany, where things are much different. 😦

What is it like for you?

Please take the following short survey to help us learn about parenting time differences around the world.

Ich komme aus Seattle, wo 50% der Kinder von geschiedenen Eltern mindestens 35% ihrem Zeit mit ihrem Vater verbringt. In Deutschland finde ich es ganz anders. 😦

Wie ist es mit euch?

Bitte nehmt sich die folgende kurze Umfrage, um über ‘parenting time’ (Zeit zum Erziehung?) Unterschiede rund um die Welt zu lernen.

Global Parenting Time Survey