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Are the Final Hurdles in Sight?

Are the Final Hurdles in Sight?

In January 2012 I thought the steep climb I had made, meant the summit was near. That apart from some last dying gasps of the opposition, peace was at hand. While no subsequent cases have been as intense as the appeals court cases in the Fall of 2011, there have been more cases in the last 2 years than there were in the prior 4. Instead of scaling a mountain face, I should have considered the hurdling metaphor.

But now I think the end is in sight. German courts rarely award father’s sole custody, but even in my small city, I know one (foreigner!) father who got this and another father who will soon. If this succeeds, there will be no more cases necessary as I am offering the mothers defacto shared parenting abilities, even though they have been trying for years to completely shut me out.