Monthly Archives: April 2016

Birthday Wishes

Apr 10. Today was my daughter’s 8th birthday. She is ‘captive’ in Germany.

The last time I saw her or even heard her was July of last year. Same with my 9 year old son. Everyone in my family is prevented by my kids’ mothers and the German district court from even speaking to my kids on their birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving, much less seeing them.

There is a court case in the European Court of Human Rights against Germany for this, filed by the only German family lawyer who has ever forced German family laws to be changed via his wins at this court. (In addition to letting me talk to my kids again, my case includes declaring another German family law unconstitutional . I need to help others not suffer like we have).

Meanwhile, I have a case now just moved to Germany’s appeals court which asks to let me not just speak to, but actually see my son. The district court keeps blocking the similar case for my daughter from moving to the appeals court.

The last time I ever saw or held my daughter:

I sent her a box of presents hoping her mother will give them to her. In one of them is a book where you can record your own voice, so I sent that to her with my voice recording, like when I would read to her at bed time. So she can remember me.