About/über mich

About/über mich

I am an American, who for 10 years lived 5000 miles from my home, my family and my other son, so that my two small children, could spend a little time with “Dadda.”

Ich bin Amerikaner, der 10 Jahren 8100 Kilometer von meinem Heimat, von meiner Familie und von einem anderen Sohn gewohnt hat, so dass meine zwei Kleinkinder ein wenig Zeit mit “Dadda” verbringen konnten.

I moved back to America last year, have been blocked from all contact (as was my entire family and all my friends) by the German mothers, German authorities and the German culture. When the European Court of Human Rights sanctions Germany in our court case and the German courts finally let me see my kids again, I *may* get over the trauma and perhaps write in German again. But for now, I only use German when I have absolutely no other choice.

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